“Dance To The Music”

The Original Tribute To Sly and The Family Stone

Dance To The Music the original tribute to Sly And The Family Stone is a walk down memory lane that relives an era many people remember as The Summer Of Love. Sly and The Family Stone took the Sixties ideal of a generation coming together and turned it into deeply groove-driven music.

Dance To The Music personifies Sly And The Family Stone’s music and more with
their production expertise, excellence as performers, musicians, entertainers and vocalists. “We have emulated this show from the era including, costumes, music, vocals, no details have been over looked. This an authentic reproduction of the music and Sly’s band.

This show is a must see!

This production is comprised of ten multicultural musicians who have individually spanned the globe performing for over 30 years. Musical director, keyboard player and producer Nathan Owens has been a Sly Stone fan since the mid sixties. Nathan is no newcomer to the music scene and comes with a diverse background in successful R & B shows such as the critically acclaimed Nathan Owens “Motown After Dark”. Nathan’s expertise in vocal arrangements and music production is an aspect of his background that has dazzled audiences nation wide.

Marten Benatar who is co-producing “Dance To The Music” is a veteran entertainer with an extensive background in the music and entertainment industry. Marten started his music career as an accomplished drummer/percussionist at the age of  17 and performed with many groups across the country including Nathan’s family band The Brothers Owens in the early 80’s. He stepped away from drumming to dancing, singing and performing when he and Brian Poirier put their concept together for Rubber Biscuit’s Rockin` Blues Revue. He co-produced and co-starred in this show as the famed Elwood Blues. They performed in showrooms to sell out audiences around the world successfully for 18 years.

Nathan and Marten (childhood friends) have stayed in close contact for many years. One day during a luncheon Nathan asked Marten if he would be interested in a joint venture. “Can you still play drums?” “I have this idea!” A few weeks later they had their first rehearsal and Dance To The Music was born. Not only is their show staged with great musicians, it is also one of THE most high energy and vocally strong shows in the business.

Sly And The Family Stone, first integrated, multi-gender band became the Pied Pipers to the Woodstock Generation, synthesizing rock, soul, R&B, funk and psychedelia into danceable, message-laden, high-energy music. The group connected with the rising counterculture by means of songs that addressed issues of personal pride and liberation in the context of driving, insistent and sunny-tempered music that fused rock and soul, creating a template for Seventies funk.